Virtual Accounts - Asynchronous APIs

Virtual accounts are now an asynchronous process.

Previous process:

Customers create virtual accounts synchronously via the APIs i.e., the virtual accounts are in “active” status upon creation and available for pay ins reconciliation immediately.

New process:

  • Customers call the API to create a virtual account. It will be created in “pending_activation” status (note it will not be available for pay-ins reconciliation until it is activated).
  • Once activated, the status of the virtual account will be updated from “pending_activation” to “active”.
  • In the event of any exceptions, if the activation fails, the status will be updated from “pending_activation” to “activation_failed”.

What you need to do:

  • Jump into Pre-Live to access the updated API
  • Update your payment flow to consider asynchronous creation of virtual accounts
  • Set up a new web-hook in order to be notified about the virtual account status changes. Follow the guide “Show Virtual Account”.
Note: There is no change for current virtual accounts. The impact is for new virtual accounts created moving forward.