Requirements for your website

Card schemes have very specific requirements for all merchants who accept credit card payments online. These requirements are set up with the intention of protecting both consumers and merchants from fraudulent activity.

As part of our risk assessment, we review the relevant websites for new customers. We also periodically review websites for all current customers to ensure that they’re meeting card scheme requirements.

Here are the basic requirements your websites must meet:

  • Your business name on the website must match your merchant name on a customer’s credit card statement. If your website name is different from your merchant/trading name, you must indicate this prominently when customers check out from your website.
  • There must be a clear description of goods and/or services being sold on your platform.
  • The following must be posted and available for viewing:
    • Privacy policy
    • Terms and conditions
    • Refund and/or return policy (Even if you don’t accept refunds, that counts as a refund policy.)
    • Delivery policy, if applicable.
  • Credit card logos or drop-down list of card types (Visa, MasterCard, etc) must be displayed on the page where your users enter their card details.
  • Your payment page where the card number is entered must be secured via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) even if Zai is handling the security of the payment page on the customer’s behalf.
  • When completing an order, the cardholder must “click to accept” or perform some other affirmative action.
  • Your business contact information must be prominently displayed on the main page, footer, or in a “Contact Us” page that’s easy for customers to find. Required information includes your business address, contact email, and contact phone number.