Remitter name change to 'Zai'

Since Assembly Payments rebranded to Zai in 2021, we’ve undergone some comprehensive changes. One of these has been working with our payments partner to update our remitter name. We’ve outlined some of the changes you can expect as part of the update here. 

What is the change? 

Previously, the Assembly Payments remitter name was ASM. From 1 April 2022, Zai’s remitter name is Zai

As a result of this, the ​​Direct Debit Request Service Agreement (DDRSA) has been updated, you can access the new form here

Does the bank account name change?

The bank account name (and therefore, the SWIFT BIC) has changed from Assembly Payments Pty. Ltd. to Zai Australia Pty. Ltd. This applies to both domestic and international payment transfers. 

Is there any change to the NPP PayID address? 

The address for all NPP PayID payments remains as is: Should the incorrect address be used, the funds will bounce and you will be notified via the API. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Product team: