PayTo Pre-live environment is now live!

Momentum is building with PayTo. As a new way of moving funds in real-time, PayTo has the potential to revolutionise direct debits and offer a lower cost alternative to card transactions for businesses.

As part of Zai's commitment to delivering PayTo to our customers, we are pleased to announce that our PayTo Pre-live environment is now live. In addition to us going live with our Pre-live environment, we've made enhancements to our PayTo API. Below you'll find an overview of the improvements and a link to our up-to-date API documentation.

What can you test in Pre-live? 

  • Validate and create agreement
  • Retrieve agreement details
  • Amend an agreement status
  • Amend agreement details: including unilateral and bilateral amendments
  • Initiate payments: including rejection flows
  • Retrieve initiated payment request details
  • View successfully reconciled payment details
  • View failure details for a payment

What changes will I see in the PayTo API? 

  • Reformatting of payer account numbers during agreement validation, when applicable to satisfy payer bank formatting constraints.
  • Create open-ended agreements using ad hoc frequency as mandatory restrictions have been removed; i.e. number of payments expected in a particular period (count_per_period) or when the payment is expected during a particular period (point_in_time)
  • Pause and/or cancel an agreement at any time irrespective of any unilateral or bilateral amendment in progress at the same time. 
  • Reset and/or clear optional fields for an agreement
  • GET APIs now include:
    • Agreement Details API: suspension or cancellation reason code and reason description
    • Payment Initiation Request Details API: request rejection reason code and reason description

Explore our API docs