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PayTo: account-to-account transfers

NPPA has developed PayTo, a new digital payments service allowing businesses to initiate real-time payments from their customers’ bank accounts. Zai is excited to deliver you this game changing development in the Australian payments landscape.

What is PayTo?

PayTo will allow NPP-enabled account holders to digitally pre-authorise one-off or recurring real-time payments from their bank account. This authorisation is captured as a digital payment, referred to as a PayTo Agreement. It offers a better alternative to direct debit payment rails, because:

  • Funds will be debited, settled and cleared immediately, no more waiting 1-3 business days.
  • Customers are provided with more visibility and control through an enhanced, digital experience via their bank.
  • Real-time direct debits provide an alternative to cards, removing expensive merchant fees and delays in funds settlement.

PayTo benefits


  • Real-time account validation
  • Real-time funds verification
  • Real-time notification of payment
  • API support
  • Easy reconciliation


  • Fast, secure payment options
  • Greater visibility and control over payments from bank accounts
  • Manage PayTo agreements through internet or mobile banking
  • Choice of either PayID or a BSB and account number for maximum flexibility

When is it coming?

Zai is ready to support your business with PayTo today. As you may have heard, while the major banks are committed to participating in PayTo, some have expressed low confidence in meeting the initial industry launch date (30th June 2022). So, we can expect their participation to progressively ramp up thereafter.

Let's chat

We'd love to discuss how PayTo can work for your business. It'll be easy to integrate through Zai and you can rollout at the time that suits you. Reach out to our Product team directly product@hellozai.com

More information

We’ve put together some useful information on PayTo: