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PayID per user


Create tailored PayIDs for each user on your platform using an email address format. This makes it easier for them to send you real-time payments with confidence along with the added security of not having to share a BSB and account number for every payment.

The value of the PayID per user capability includes:

  • Easier to pay you - Provide your end-users with the ability to use easily remembered information (instead of a BSB and account number) to initiate the payment to fund their wallet.

  • Increased payer confidence - When you create a PayID, you will nominate the associated user name. This way, when they enter the PayID via their bank, the name you created will be displayed to the user, increasing their confidence that this will work before they pull the trigger on the payment.

  • Improved payment matching - Having a linked virtual account and a tailored PayID reduces the probability of keying errors, thus increasing the probability of cleanly matching the inbound payment to the intended user’s wallet.

  • More real-time payments - All these features are designed to reduce any remaining friction for your customers, thereby maximising the uptake of real-time payments, benefiting all those involved. 

Get started now

In order to use this new feature, you must have both the virtual accounts functionality and the PayID per user functionality enabled for your platform. Get in touch with your Account Manager to set this up so you’re ready to go.

Follow the steps in this guide to register a PayID against a virtual account. Also, before you can register PayIDs, go through this guide to set up a virtual account that’s linked to your user’s digital wallet.