New HTTP error codes

An update has been released providing more visibility on the reason for card decline errors

You can now see:

  • The actual response code from the bank, not the provider, so you know the exact reason the bank has declined the card.

  • New HTTP Error Code 516 will be returned for generic processing issues on our provider’s end.

  • Two new fields added to the HTTP 422 Error Code. The following will be returned as part of the <errors> message block:
    - <provider_response_message>
    - <provider_response_code> In here, there will be an additional 30+ decline codes including common industry codes such as 05 (do not honor), 51 (insufficient funds), 54 (expired card).

What you need to do:

There is no additional implementation required to process these fields. However, to access the detailed overview on the card decline reason, you can make the necessary changes on your system.

Refer to the error message guide for detailed information on the reasons for declining card payments.