Where to send your email

As part of our ongoing enhancements to your Zai experience, we've updated our customer support emails. Use these direct channels so we can get the information you need, faster.

Hours of operation: Monday–Friday, 9am - 5pm, local time zones

General questions and feedback: helpdesk@hellozai.com
Onboarding, setup and integration: onboarding@hellozai.com
Fraud cases, NPP and BPAY disputes, and pre-chargeback alert notifications: fraudprevention@hellozai.com
Chargebacks, direct debit claims and cancellations, direct entry tracing and recall, and Mistaken Internet Payment notices: chargebacks@hellozai.com
Payment reconciliation requests and reports payments@hellozai.com
Access requests and technical queries: support@hellozai.com

Compliance and regulatory queries: