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Communicating Chargebacks with Customers

Who do we communicate with?

As a business standard, Zai will notify our Merchant that is involved in the chargeback transaction.

What do we communicate?

Zai provides details of the transaction in question, the Chargeback stage and reason for dispute, and recommendations to resolve the case.

When do we notify you of a Chargeback?

We notify you as soon as we have received and processed new Chargeback notifications. This is usually within 3 business days of us receiving the Chargeback.

Why do we notify you of a Chargeback?

  1. To minimise financial loss to you and/or Zai.
  2. To obtain evidence to contest, and if successful, resolve a Chargeback case.
  3. To help you to maintain your Chargeback and Fraud Rates within the threshold limit required by the card schemes.
  4. To aid you in developing solutions to mitigate Chargebacks, and improve on your payment experience.
  5. To provide awareness on any fraudulent activity and to stop fraudulent users from transacting on your platform