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Chargeback Remedy Requirements

When a Chargeback is received, a reason code is provided to briefly state the reason why the cardholder disputes a transaction. Each reason code has specific documents or evidence required that must be presented to the cardholder and/or Issuing bank (if the dispute is still in a Chargeback stage) or to the Card network (if the chargeback enters in Arbitration) in order to counter the cardholder's claim. These documents and evidence are known as Remedy Requirements.

(To know more about Chargeback reason codes, see here. To find out about the phases of a Chargeback, please click here.)

It is essential that you provide the correct remedy requirements in order for Zai to accept your claim and potentially win a Chargeback, otherwise, your presentment will lead to non-acceptance and will result in a Chargeback loss.

Remedy requirements for each card scheme are publicly available, and we recommend that you familiarise yourself with them to give you the best chance possible of winning a Chargeback.