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Mobile Payments


Zai offers quick mobile payments through our pay-by-text feature. When pay-by-text is enabled on a platform, buyers have the option of paying for items or services through mobile SMS after an initial payment is set up.

How it works


Mobile payments are facilitated by our front-end interface, which is viewable on a browser. There, a buyer can view item invoices and set up their payment details. Once the initial setup and payment is done, the buyer receives subsequent payment instructions via SMS. Through SMS, the buyer can respond “Yes” to make another payment.


Email and SMS

The payment instruction via SMS kicks off for all transactions on the platform when pay-by-text is enabled, provided that the users have a mobile number provided. Otherwise, payment reminders will be sent via email.

SMS and email reminders are configured separately, as preferred. We strongly recommend implementing pay-by-text with SMS reminders to best utilise mobile payments.

Integrating pay-by-text

Pay-by-text is easy to enable on your platform. Contact Zai support to enable, configure, and set up pay-by-text.

Configuration covers the following areas when implementing the pay-by-text solution:


The front-end interface can include your brand’s logo if needed. Specifics of the look and feel of your implementation is determined during the integration process.


The front-end interface is accessible via a paid.io URL. When pay-by-text is set up on your platform, the URL will appear in a general format:


Specifics of the how URL is structured is determined during the integration process.

PDF invoicing

You can include PDF invoices for viewing on the pay-by-text UI. We can provide a PDF template for the invoice for your platform. Nonetheless, you can opt to provide this as well.

Payment methods

Depending on your platform’s preferred payment methods, we offer direct debit and credit card payments on mobile.

Payment reminders

Pay-by-text is an implementation with SMS payments in mind. Payment instructions are triggered via SMS as soon as a transaction is made.

In addition to payment instructions, payment reminders are available to be enabled on your platform. We offer both SMS and email reminders to users to remind them of current and overdue payments. These reminders include payment instructions as well.